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"The power and creativity of Dave graphics and designs have played a crucial part in the success of our company. In the past 5 months alone, the websites that he has developed for us have generated sales exceeding $4.1 Million! A truly professional service and I would never use anyone else"

Tim Godfrey

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Ultra sexy and unique website designs

The truth is... people do judge a book by it's cover and the same holds true on the web. If your website doesn't scream "professionalism" when a potential customers lands on your site... forget it!

When you work with me, I not only have the talent to create a unique, eye-catching design that you'll be proud of ... but I also have the marketing experience to go along with that talent to design a page that also converts traffic into sales.

Perhaps you've experienced that feeling when you land on a site and think to yourself "Wow! What a great looking website!" Well, it's my job to do the same for you.

Together we can take your website to a whole new level...

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Lead capture pages that convert

Perhaps the most important element of any website is a lead capture or "Squeeze" page. Too many online marketers don't spend the time or give the proper attention needed to make this element of their website the best it can be.

With a professional design and layout, your capture page can be your greatest selling tool. My capture page designs convert traffic into leads and leads into sales.

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Top-notch minisite and ecover designs

For the internet marketer "extraordinaire", a professionally designed minisite combined with coordinating e-cover graphics are an absolute necessity.

Whether you're in need of an ebook cover, DVD series, "Special Report, Audio CD or even a unique membership card design, I'm here to take your idea and turn it into a work of art that grabs attention and pulls your website visitors directly into your sales copy.

With all the competition on the web today, you need to have professionally designed graphics that showcase your product or service in the absolute best way possible.

Don't settle for "bargain basement" graphics... Instead, invest in a design that you'll be proud to offer your customers and affiliates alike.

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Unique print designs for direct mail

Are you involved in network marketing or MLM? Or perhaps you're simply looking for new and exciting ways to get more traffic to your website.

Well you've come to the right place. My list of clients reads like a "who's who" list when it comes to TOP sellers and team leaders in various industries and I'm their "go to" guy when it comes to print designs.

I have the experience and talent to create high converting Magazine ads, postcard designs and much more.

So whether you want to launch a new ad campaign or you're looking to get some fresh ideas for a "stale" marketing piece ... I'd welcome the opportunity to create a custom print design that will give you optimum return on your investment.

With all the competition in direct mail, you need to have a design that grabs attention and gets people to respond to your ad ... and that's my goal when you work with me on your direct mail campaigns.

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Banners, email creative, optin graphics & more

Specialty graphics are my favorite ;-) From animated banners to professional and unique email creative, you can have an arsenal of tools at your disposal to portray a professional image online.

And don't forget the importance of your affiliates. With professional banner designs, you're sure to attract a lot more "Super Affiliates" who have confidence in your product and the promotional material you provide.

Another great tool for every website is a unique optin graphic that matches the look and feel of your current website. With a graphical optin form, your visitors are going to see your offer even more and your conversions rates are sure to increase and help you build your list of email marketing leads.

So whether you're looking for a professionally designed HTML email template or a set of banners to promote your business on the web, you've come to the right place.

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Flash Videos & Video Landing Pages

From flash video to Video landing Pages, you can take a flat, boring webpage and turn it into an interactive presentation that's sure to increase conversions and give your business a professional appearance.

By combining a great design with a professional video you can showcase your product or service like a fortune 500 company.

Adding video to your website will not only increase your site’s viewing retention but also adds that professional element to your internet marketing efforts.

I can help you tailor your message or you can provide your own message. The choice is yours.

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