A brief bio about me... Read at your own risk ;-)

I've never been a big fan of talking about myself so I'll

keep this short & sweet and keep all the juicy details

to myself ;-) Some names have been changed to protect

the guilty... and none of this information can be held

against me in a court of law ...


The truth is... Since the time I was old enough to hold a

pencil in my hand, I've always had a passion for art. Not

just my own Crayola colored masterpieces... but I was also a big

fan of the 'art world' in general at an early age. Guess I was a weird kid ;-)

As I got older that passion for design never left my veins. I did have other misguided interests I was passionate about, but none held a stick to design - just letting those creative juices flow. To me.. that was my fix.

Ironically, at one point in my life, I actually wanted to be a professional baseball player. I went so far as to try out for the Philadelphia Phillies. I thought my fastball was good enough to take me to the big league. They shot me down quick ;-) I was crushed... But at least I gave it my best shot. That's what life's about... taking your best shot at what your passionate about.

Once my crack at the major leagues fizzled... I ended up attending a local university here in my home town in Northeastern PA and opted for a double major in Business Management and Graphic Design. That's when I got serious about graphic design (not that I take too much seriously in life ;-)

While in college, I got married too. Yup... parents said we couldn't... so we did! I was only 20 years old at the time but never looked back. And I've been happily married for the last 22 years and I've been blessed with four amazing kids and a wife who I'm still crazy in love with after all these years.

While I now run my graphics design business full time (usually 15 hours a day), I also love direct marketing and still do my share of zany business ventures from time to time. An internet campaign here, a direct mail piece there... I love marketing and I think it shows in most of my work too.

Why you should choose to work with me....

Not only do I engulf myself in each and every project I'm hired to design, but I'm also one of the easiest, most laid back people you'll ever have the pleasure of working with ;-) I fly solo - a one man band here - and do all of my own work. I work directly out of my home office and I'm available to chat via email or on the phone whenever you need me. As I mentioned, I'm usually in my office 15 hours a day so feel free to call me anytime toll free at 866-379-2691.

Not only do I know what it takes to design creative from a strict design standpoint... but I also have my greedy little fingers in a lot of different business opportunities as well. From affiliate marketing to ebook sales to direct mail campaigns, I've been there - done that myself... and in some cases very successfully.

So when you hire me you can bank on the fact that I'm not only looking at your project from a design standpoint... but also from a marketing standpoint. You get the best of both worlds. I'll work WITH you to create a design that not only makes a customer notice you and showcase your business in a professional, unique manner, but it will also be designed with proper structure and 'call to action' for optimum results and maximum return on investment.

The Proof is in the pudding....

My client list reads like a "who's who" of internet and network marketers and there's a reason for that. My designs produce results! 90% of my business is repeat customers and referral business. I DO NOT have an affiliate program. Don't need one - don't want one. My clients love me and appreciate what I do for them ... and in turn they confidently refer their friends and associates to me in droves. That speaks volumes when it comes to who you can trust to get the job done right.

I've been involved in 'record breaking' launches for many of Clickbank's elite ... and I've also dealt with some of the most successful network marketers on the planet. So I encourage you to take a look at my Portfolio and Contact Me for a quote anytime. I'm probably one of the easiest people to talk to and I have YOUR best interests at heart. I'm here to help you get optimum return on your investment.

So whether you're new to internet marketing or a seasoned vet, let's discuss your project and come up with a solution that'll work best for you while staying within your budget. My services range from simple one page custom webpage designs to full blown websites that'll have your competition drulling. I guarantee it!

To your success,

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